Three students from IIT Kharagpur have made it to the finale of Shell Ideas360, a global competition that connects students to develop ideas to tackle the pressures on the world’s Food, Water and Energy resources. The team comprised of Gaurav Jain (fourth year, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering), Apurva Gajwani (fourth year, Dept. of Agriculture and Food Engineering) and Ankit Lohani (Second Year, Dept. of Chemical Engineering).

The team have been working for over a year on the solution for the problem of food security in the world. GrowSmart is a smart solution for the farm which provides an alternative low cost diagnostic option to the farmers. Prof. D.K. Swain from the Department of Agriculture and Food Engineering was the guide and university representative for Shell Ideas 360.

The competition was quite tough 982 ideas were submitted globally, out of which 66 ideas made it in stage 2 and the students from IIT Kharagpur made it to final 5!

As next steps now, Shell will be sponsoring the travel for the team of students along with the University representative to London, for their final pitch. The Final event will happen in UK at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic ground in London on June 30 during ‘Make the future London’ event.

The final will include coaching by Shell experts and presentation of the final idea to a judge panel of senior executives and subjects experts. The Top teams hail from India, Singapore (2 teams), USA and UK, who will be fighting for the prestigious ShellIdeas360 trophy and a once in a lifetime National Geographic Adventure.

Swapnil Sharma, Recruitment Marketing Lead, Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore, India said “We understand that the students will be travelling to London along for their final presentation, as the University representative. We look forward for the Institute’s continued support and guidance in coaching, mentoring the students in the coming days to help students win. Going forward, Shell looks forward to a great academic collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. Once again, congratulations – your students have made all of us proud!”

About the competition and selection process:

Shell Ideas360 is more than a global competition that connects students to develop ideas to tackle the pressures on the world’s Food, Water and Energy resources. The prestigious competition organised by Shell is currently in its third edition and saw a participation of more than 1000 teams in Stage 1 who submitted an idea. Out of these 74 semi finalist teams were selected by a panel of judges based on technical review.

The Stage 2 of the competition required not only the technical idea but also the business model involving in depth analysis of the market scenario, our strategy, possible risks etc. Every team was assigned a Shell mentor and coached via various hangout sessions.