Students from IIT Bombay have partnered with Trestor have created Swachh Machine to incentivise people to participate in the mission. For every recyclable waste item one puts inside the machine, they will be rewarded with a digital value token called ‘trest’, which can be exchanged for 300 ml of clean drinking water.

Developed in just 95 days by two final year students of IIT-Bombay — Anurag Meena and Satyendra Meena — the machine is being marketed by Trestor. The ‘trest’ is available in the form of a digital token on the Trestor app. It can also be collected physically from the vending machine and used at select kirana stores.

With a storage and recycling unit at the bottom and an RO water filtration unit at the top, the machine is equipped with a 7-inch interactive touch screen and internet connectivity. It also has an NFC and Bluetooth interface for unhindered connectivity and a notification system for administrators to alert them on usage and maintenance. The recycling unit, which has separate compartments for plastic bottles and aluminium cans, can handle containers of a maximum capacity of 1 litre. The collected waste is crushed to minimise space. Once the compartment reaches 80 per cent of its storage capacity, an automated notification is sent to the machine administrator. The container is easily detachable and can be directly emptied in a carriage vehicle for recycling.

This unique system will be a boon to drought hit Maharashtra region. One does not  a smartphone to receive the token, you can also take a printout of it and use it. It has been installed at IIT Bombay, where the Swachh Machine is being piloted, it has already helped reduce weekly plastic waste by over 10 kg.