Analog Devices present Anveshan 2016 IoT Fellowship for Engineering University Students, Startups and Makers, Hobbyists, alumni, graduating students and would-be-entrepreneurs. Click Here

Anveshan provides a platform to create and experiment innovative IoT Applications, develop a prototype from Sensor to the Cloud, experiment and innovate with key technologies like energy harvesting and connectivity, develop breakthrough concepts and algorithms for IoT use-cases and experiment with IoT platforms with analytics running on the edge, fog or cloud. The Fellowship gives an opportunity for the Indian Engineering students, alumni, startups and makers, hobbyists and would-be-entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation, learn, design and architect a complete innovative product or an ioT service in a low risk setting with all the help from Analog Devices specialists and mentors, with the creation, funded and guided by Analog Devices for a full-fledged development duration, up to 9 months.

All selected IoT projects by student teams will have experienced and relevant mentors assigned to guide the teams and give their expert insights at various stages, running the development as a time-bound project with interim milestones and reviews. While Professional teams would not have a dedicated mentor, we will provide guidance and funding for each one of the selected teams and also help with guidance and feedback from external mentors, relevant experts and advice from incubators/accelerators through our eco-system. Each team will be provided with a relevant platform that comprises of samples and evaluation boards of selected devices, access to an IoT Cloud Service and other necessary infrastructure to realize the project.

Analog Devices will fund the project development and travel cost up to a maximum of Rs.1,00,000 per team. Startups/professionals and university student teams would be judged separately. Top project teams will win attractive cash awards.

What are the Focused vertical areas of IoT?
We would encourage participants to focus IoT application in the areas of Smart City, Industrial IoT, Healthcare (including Consumer wearables) and Agriculture, primarily in the areas that Analog Devices plays in the IoT space.